The season of love is almost here and it’s obvious that you have been longing to spend some quality time with the love of your life. Planning the perfect Valentine’s Day getaway can be the ideal way to bring some spice into your relationship.

But, are you confused where should you head to spend the most romantic day of the year? Embarking on a Darjeeling tour can be the most romantic retreat!

Darjeeling, the magical land of snow-capped Himalayan peaks and tea plantations, is one of the most popular romantic destinations in India. Be it witnessing the beautiful sunrise from Tiger Hill, enjoying the Himalayan flora and fauna or the majestic views of Mt. Kanchenjunga, Darjeeling can indeed be a sweet romantic escape. Opting for Darjeeling tour packages from Kolkata can thus be a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Here’re a few spots you must visit while in Darjeeling!

Darjeeling Tour Packages From Kolkata: 5 Romantic Places To Include In Your Trip Itinerary

  1. Tiger Hill


Tiger Hill, the highest point in Darjeeling is one of the most romantic places here. Taking your partner to witness the beautiful sunrise and gaze at the snow-capped mountains can be a great way to spend some quality time with each other. The first rays of the sun illuminating the glorious peaks of Mt. Kanchenjunga will certainly light up your romantic side as well as enrapture you and your loved one.

  1. Darjeeling Ropeway

Darjeeling Tour Packages from Kolkata

Taking a ride on the Rangeet Valley Cable Car or Darjeeling Ropeway is one of the best ways to experience the spectacular views which Darjeeling. The ride offers a mesmerising view of lush green valleys, streams as well as tea-gardens from a high point. When the ropeway glides over the beautiful town, you will be able to witness the picturesque natural beauty with your partner in serene solitariness.

  1. Toy Train


A ‘joy-ride’ in the toy train is something which you just cannot afford to miss when booking Darjeeling tour packages from Kolkata. Declared as a World Heritage Site, the joy ride gives you ample time to witness and absorb the unrivalled scenic beauty when it chugs its way around the War Memorial. The romantic train ride and the freshness of the jungles and forests surrounding the spiral train tracks will definitely kick some punch into your relationship.

  1. Chunnu Summer Falls

Located in Rock Garden, the Chunnu Summer Falls is about 10 km away from the Darjeeling town. When water slides down the rocky slopes in gleaming sunlight, the cascading waterfall adds great beauty to the spectacular Rock Garden. What makes the Rock Garden a sight to behold is the diversified colourful flowers in neatly terraced gardens!

  1. Tea Gardens

Darjeeling tour packages from Kolkata

Can anything be more romantic than bonding over a hot cup of freshly brewed tea from the famous tea estates of Darjeeling? The Gomtee Tea Resort, The Happy Valley Tea Estate and Chamong Tea Estate are tea gardens where you can learn about the making and manufacturing processes of tea while walking along with your partner.

So, what are you still here for? Quickly book an affordable Darjeeling holiday package for a memorable Valentine’s Day!