Visiting Bhutan at least once in your life is a must if you are willing to make a lifetime travel experience. This tourist destination is the perfect blend of mesmerizing landscapes, delicious spicy food, ancient temples and colourful festivals. The cultural realms surrounding this isolated Himalayan kingdom helps a great deal in preserving its previous culture. Their cultural beliefs are indeed quite interesting. In fact, a sustainable approach to tourism is what Bhutan takes pride in.


Though this famous tourist destination has a lot to offer, there are still a few people who have not booked a tour package from Kolkata yet just because of a few myths surrounding the place. Debunking those is a must so that each and every tourist can soak the beauty offered by the place by choosing the ideal tour package.

Booking Bhutan Tour Packages from Kolkata? Debunk The 4 Common Myths First

  • “There Is Some Visitor Quota”

Though it is true that the Bhutan government restricted the access of the tourists to conserve the natural environment of the place and preserve its culture, it was until 1999. Currently, there’s no quota as such. The number of tourists visiting Bhutan is completely dependent on the number of passengers the two airlines serving Bhutan can accommodate.

  • “You Should Avoid The Non-Peak Period”

Autumn and spring are considered to be the ideal period for travelling as they are considered to be the festival season and even the weather is ideal for trekking purposes. Though, scheduling your trip during the non-peak period is highly advisable if you have a limited budget. This does not necessarily mean you can’t make the most out of your trip. The beauty of Bhutan stays intact throughout the year. Winter is ideal for photography when the sky is sunny so you can get a clear view of the beautiful snow capped peaks.

  • “It Is Not Easy To Get A Visa For Bhutan”

Though it is true that getting a valid permission before entering Bhutan is a must, it is only for foreigners. If you are a resident of Maldives, India or Bangladesh and possess a passport, you won’t require a visa. Applying for a visa is also quite easy if you can take the aid of some renowned Tour Operator or experienced travel agencies organizing Bhutan Tour Packages from Kolkata. Their agents will shoulder the entire responsibility of organizing the visa on your behalf.

  • “Travelling Alone Isn’t Advisable In Bhutan”

If you want to visit Bhutan just to seek happiness, travel alone with the guidance of your tour operator and driver. They value their reputation and ensure that the personal space of their visitors is not invaded. They love explaining the culture of Bhutan instead of asking personal questions to the visitors. You can even customize your tour package and enhance your safety by including only those activities which interest you and you suppose to be safe.

Since the common myths about Bhutan tour have been debunked, it’s time you start looking for a renowned travel agency organizing tour packages from Kolkata at a price which suits your budget.