Seeped in diverse culture and rich heritage, every corner of India has an interesting story to tell. And, if you are an avid traveller, who loves exploring cities, discovering this incredible country on foot can probably be your most informed travel decision. The best walks will take you through bustling streets where plenty of mythology, history and folklore intertwine, giving tourists the glimpse of real India!


Discovering religious temples and exploring the historically significant monuments on foot can help you expand your knowledge of a particular city in just a few hours. From meandering in the streets of Old Delhi immersing you in the rich heritage of Kolkata, the best walking tours in India can help you fall in love with every destination you visit. Thus, taking a walk down the Indian streets can rejuvenate you and help you experience the amazing country in its true sense.

Here a few reasons why you can’t afford to miss the opportunity of discovering India on your foot!

4 Good Reasons Why You Should Definitely Choose Walking Tours In India

  1. It’s The Best Way To Explore New Cities

From bicycles to motorbikes, there seems to be a number of tours available to travellers these days. But, taking a walking tour can undoubtedly be your best option. Why? You don’t have to compete with anyone for a fuel-efficient bike and can easily walk through underground bunkers without having to lock the bicycle. You even get some exercise while exploring sights, especially after you indulge in the delicious local cuisines during your travels.

  1. You Don’t Have To Plan Anything

Perhaps, this is the biggest benefit you can avail by taking a walking tour. Other than ensuring that you have packed your sunscreen and your camera has a loaded battery, all you need to do is simply turn up to the meeting point at the right time for the interesting walk ahead.

Your guides will take care of the rest. As experienced professionals, they will plan out the whole route efficiently so that you do not miss seeing the main sights and still have enough time to learn about the city.

  1. It’s A Great Way To Meet New People

Joining the best walking tours in India can be a great opportunity for you to meet and interact with new people – your fellow travellers. For explorers, travelling in itself is an adventure that comes with a great sense of freedom. However, it can get lonely at times. On the other hand, learning the unknown and interacting with others on the tour can help you find travel partners and build friendships.

  1. You Get Expert Advice From The Guides

Usually, the tour guides are either native of the particular city you are visiting or have a vast knowledge of the city. From visiting the museums to trying the local delicacies, they have done all the hard for you to recommend only the best. They even make history come alive by narrating entertaining stories filled with historical facts.

Now that you are aware of everything, what are you still thinking of? It’s time to explore the myriad facets of incredible India with a walking tour!