Bikers in Nubra as seen from Diskit Gompa in Nubra Valley

Looking for a tour operator which can help you discover the best of India, Nepal and Bhutan. Look no further; Excursion2India is here to fulfill all your travel needs.

Apass India Leisure Solutions Pvt. Ltd, our parent company, has been in the hospitality business for long – operating hotels and resorts (Estuarine Village Resort & Cherry Hotels & Resorts), organizing customized tours to foreign countries (Vacations Beyond) and also organising different kinds of tours in India, Nepal and Bhutan (Excursion2India).

We, at Excursion2India, ensure our guests have their dream time satisfying all desires they have on any tour. Be it tour packages to Sikkim, be it tour packages to Goa, be it tour packages to Rajasthan, or tour packages to Uttarakhand or Himachal Pradesh, we customize all itineraries as per the choice of our guests.

As a responsible eco-sensitive tour operator, be it religious tours with family to holy places, tours to Kerala or Andaman Islands, or tour programs to Nepal, Ladakh and Bhutan, we have moral obligations to ensure you have memorable vacations.

Tigress as seen at Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

Our dedicated team of associate professionals can even arrange exciting walking tours in India for people who wish to explore the country on foot. Whether you wish to take walking tours in Kolkata or go on a heritage walk in Old Delhi, we will make it possible for you to see the rich heritage of India from close quarters.

With our wealth of experience in the travel industry, we know that the habits of tourists differ quite a lot. In the words of Mark Twain, traveling is the greatest learning experience one can ever take. What one tour can teach, hundreds of books cannot. Interesting aspect is that people learn a lot without realizing they have learnt. We, as a facilitator in this exercise, believe this experience is awesome when things go as you wish and not the other way around. This is why we encourage guests to undertake customized tours even though we are quite adept at organizing group tours as well.

We can be your travel partner and go the extra mile to understand your travel needs and help you choose your desired holiday destinations. Our professionals understand that vacations are more about individual interests and choices. With our numerous tour packages at your offerings, we give you the privilege to pick a travel destination that best suits you. Whether you wish to go for a vacation in Kerala, Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Darjeeling, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh or South India, we can design tour packages that best suit your interests and needs.

We have mentioned numerous itineraries under several heads like Hills, Beaches, Wildlife and Culture. To help you make the most of your trip, we have even mentioned about the carnivals and festivals you should try to be a part of. Our customised tours to various parts of India, Nepal and Bhutan are possible in different budgets.

Same itineraries are offered under different budget heads as Standard Packages, Deluxe, Premium and Luxury Packages. Hotel types and some other essentials will vary under different types of packages.

Bhutan Tour Packages from Kolkata

Punakha Dzong in Bhutan. Once a fortress, the Dzong houses administrative offices and residence of monks

At Excursion2India, we will plan everything for you – right from tour itinerary and travel arrangements to valuable suggestions on your safety and security during the tour. We will do everything you ask us to arrange for you. All you need to do is to book tour packages with us.




Treat yourself to customized tour packages with Excursion2India!

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