Willing to re-discover Kolkata? Take our walking tours in Kolkata offered by Excursion2India and explore the City of Joy like never before. Just as our company’s name suggests, we specialize in organizing walking tours for people from every corner of the world. Through our tours, we try to show you the Kolkata which is beyond that what is found in the travel guides. We can take you all around the city just the way you want to explore it.

Our Walking Tours In Kolkata

Walking Tours In Kolkata

British Era Heritage Walk- The Dalhousie Square

By taking our British Era Heritage Walk, you can get a glimpse of the colonial city, developed by the then East India Company. You will be able to see the significant colonial buildings which served as the seat of power during the British Era. Our tour covers some important buildings like- The Royal exchange Place, Writers’ building, Raj Bhavan, St. John’s Church and The General Post Office.

Flower Market to Kumartuli MarketWalking Tours In Kolkata

This walk will give travellers the opportunity to peek into the inner layers of the traditional Kolkata. Taking a walk through the flower market can be a fragrant and colourful experience for all. Walking along the river Ganges, this walk will take you to Kumartuli, a place where renowned artisans of Bengal craft the most beautiful idols.

No matter whichever walk you decide to opt for, our tour experts will take you all around the vicinity and even share facts which will surprise even the most knowledgeable travellers.

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Take Walking Tours in Kolkata & Experience the City’s Diversity

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