Vibrant Malaysia’s With the Best Travel Packages From Kolkata

Traveling through Malaysia promises an incredible adventure filled with a colorful blend of modernity, tradition, diverse landscapes, and a melting pot of cultures. To ensure you make the most of your journey, we’ve put together a helpful guide just for you!

Explore the capital city Kuala Lumpur with travel packages from Kolkata 

Best of the Diverse Malaysia With Travel Packages From Kolkata

Batu Caves, a Hindu pilgrimage site in Malaysia

The capital city of Kuala Lumpur beckons with its iconic Petronas Towers, towering landmarks that grace the city’s skyline and are a unique destination to explore. Visit the KLCC Park and take a stroll around the base. Kuala Lumpur is usually the port of entry in most of the travel packages from Kolkata

Explore Batu Caves, a Hindu pilgrimage site with a massive golden statue and a series of caves and cave temples.

Dive into the cultural melting pot of Kuala Lumpur through the vibrant markets of Chinatown and Little India. These lively neighborhoods offer a rich tapestry of colors, aromas, and flavors. Embark on a culinary adventure as you sample local delicacies, bursting with tantalizing spices. Uncover the rich traditions that make these places so unique.

Soak in the friendly atmosphere of Kuala Lumpur, where diverse cultures converge harmoniously.

Whether you’re indulging in retail therapy, savoring local street food, or simply immersing yourself in the city’s history and natural beauty, Kuala Lumpur has something for everyone.

Enjoy Culinary Delights and Heritage Sites in Penang with Excursion2India Best Tour Packages From Kolkata

Best of the Diverse Malaysia With Travel Packages From Kolkata

A view of George Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Penang

Penang is the ultimate destination for food enthusiasts and history buffs alike. This must be a part of all the best tour packages from Kolkata to Malaysia. As you navigate the bustling streets of Penang, you’ll come across the tantalizing aroma of street food wafting through the air. From hawker stalls to upscale restaurants, the island offers an exquisite blend of Malay, Chinese, and Indian flavors, making it a melting pot of culinary traditions.

Try the famous Penang Laksa, a tangy and spicy noodle dish that will leave you craving for more. The Char Kway Teow, a stir-fried flat noodle dish, is another must-try.

Visit George Town, an enchanting UNESCO World Heritage Site that boasts an incredible fusion of street art, colonial architecture, and a pulsating cultural scene. This city will transport you back in time with its beautiful colonial buildings, charming shophouses, and stunning street art. Pay a visit to the beautiful Kek Lok Si Temple, one of the largest Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia. Its grand architecture and serene ambiance will leave you awestruck.

In addition, take a leisurely walk along Penang’s scenic beaches, savoring the gentle breeze and breathtaking views. Batu Ferringhi Beach, with its azure waters and golden sand, offers a perfect spot for sunbathing and leisurely water activities.

Explore the Tropical Paradise of Langkawi with Travel Packages from Kolkata

Best of the Diverse Malaysia With Travel Packages From Kolkata

A model at a beach in Langkawi

Langkawi is a tropical paradise nestled in the Andaman Sea. While planning any Malaysia itinerary this has to be a part of travel packages from Kolkata. With its pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and warm, friendly locals, Langkawi promises an unforgettable holiday experience for all.

Relax on the pristine beaches of Pantai Cenang and Tanjung Rhu. At Pantai Cenang you can indulge in a range of water sports, while the tranquil Datai Bay, is perfect for those seeking solitude. Every beach in Langkawi has something to offer for everyone.

You can take a canopy walk through the dense foliage, hike up Gunung Raya – the highest peak on the island – or discover the mystical Seven Wells Waterfall.

No visit to Langkawi would be complete without experiencing its unique blend of cultures. As a melting pot of Malay, Chinese, and Indian influences, the island offers a wide array of cuisine to tantalize your taste buds.

Get breathtaking views from the Langkawi SkyCab and Sky Bridge. Langkawi is also a duty-free zone, making it a great place for shopping.

Enjoy Historical Melting Pot at Malacca with Travel Packages From Kolkata

Best of the Diverse Malaysia With Travel Packages From Kolkata

Monuments in Malacca

Malacca, a historical melting pot on the western coast of Peninsular Malaysia, has to be included in travel packages from Kolkata. Because of its strategic location, Malacca has been a magnet for traders since time immemorial. Its history is as diverse as its people, with its roots stretching back to the 15th century when it was a thriving hub for the spice trade. Visit the iconic A Famosa fortress, a 16th-century Portuguese stronghold which stands as a testament to the city’s colonial history.

Malacca’s friendly locals are quite warm in their hospitality and cheerful demeanor. They epitomize the spirit of true Malaysian friendliness. Don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation or ask for directions. In the best tour packages from Kolkata to Malaysia, Malacca becomes an automatic part of tour plan.

You can wander through the vibrant Jonker Street, a lively strip lined with colorful shophouses, art galleries, and charming cafes. The street comes alive during weekends, when the famous Jonker Walk Night Market takes over, offering a plethora of treasures, from antique trinkets to tantalizing street food.

Go on a delightful journey to the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum, where you can immerse yourself in the fascinating history of the Peranakan people. Nestled in the heart of Malacca, Malaysia, the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum is a true treasure trove of Peranakan culture. Go and enjoy Peranakan cuisine. This reflects the fusion of Chinese and Malay flavors, resulting in dishes that are bold, aromatic, and absolutely scrumptious. From the mouthwatering Nyonya Laksa, a spicy noodle soup with rich coconut milk base, to the irresistible Nyonya Kuih, colorful bite-sized desserts that will leave you craving for more.

Experience Borneo Nature and Adventure with Travel Packages From Kolkata

Best of the Diverse Malaysia With Travel Packages From Kolkata

A beach on Sipadan Island, Borneo

Borneo, a tropical haven brimming with breathtaking landscapes and thrilling escapades. How can anyone ignore this while working on travel packages from Kolkata to Malaysia?

No trip to Borneo would be truly complete without paying a visit to the magnificent Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak in Southeast Asia. The mountain offers trails suitable for all fitness levels, even though reaching its summit is reserved for the most adventurous souls. You can also snorkel and dive your way through vibrant coral reefs in Borneo.

Nestled amidst the spectacular rainforests of Borneo is Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. This enchanting center is a sanctuary for orangutans, where they are nurtured, rehabilitated, and eventually reintroduced into the wild. Take advantage of the informative exhibits and educational presentations that shed light on the challenges facing these magnificent animals and the conservation efforts being undertaken.

Sipadan Island is a mesmerizing paradise in the Celebes Sea. This is renowned far and wide for its world-class diving opportunities and stunning marine biodiversity. Immerse yourself in Sipadan’s thriving coral reefs, teeming with a kaleidoscope of colorful fish and delicate sea creatures.

Enjoy Cameron Highlands with Best Tour Packages from Kolkata

Best of the Diverse Malaysia With Travel Packages From Kolkata

Trees of the misty Mossy Forest, Cameron_Highlands

Cameron Highlands stands tall as a charming cool retreat that promises a rejuvenating escape from the scorching heat and daily hustle and bustle. With its pleasant weather, lush tea plantations, and friendly locals, this highland destination offers a haven of tranquility and endless natural wonders for every visitor to enjoy. So, while planning a Malaysia vacation, everyone must include this in all travel packages from Kolkata.

Aside from the tea estates, Cameron Highlands is also known for strawberry farms and vibrant flower nurseries. Taking a leisurely stroll through these vibrant patches of paradise.

Cameron Highlands is the perfect place to lace up your hiking boots and embark on an unforgettable journey. One of the most popular trails in Cameron Highlands is the Mossy Forest Trail. As you make your way through this enchanting forest, you’ll be surrounded by a carpet of captivating mosses and ferns, creating a magical experience.

General Tips While Traveling To Malaysia with Best Tour Packages from Kolkata:

Transportation: Malaysia has an extensive network of buses, trains, and domestic flights. Grab and local buses are popular for short distances.

Cultural Sensitivity: Malaysia is a multicultural country with a majority Muslim population. Respect local customs and dress modestly, especially in religious sites.



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