If you are willing to discover the various aspects of Old Delhi, a heritage walk through the city is exactly what you need. The city has indeed a long history as it took centuries to grow into a new environment where citizens live with new and old elements blend perfectly. Though there have been many modern developments in the last few years, there still exists a few centuries-old buildings.

Heritage walk in Old Delhi

If you are one of the citizens of Delhi who thinks that the new growths have overshadowed the importance of the historical older areas, just opt for a heritage walk and soak the essence of Old Delhi. There are numerous Sikh Gurudwaras, historic Hindu temples, Jain temples and mosques which enhance the historical importance of the city immensely.

What Exactly Is A Heritage Walk?                                        

The primary objective of a heritage walk is to make the citizens and tourists aware of the vital historic areas in Delhi. You can easily relate to the historical parts of the city in a more intimate manner. Preserving the rich heritage of the city becomes simpler with a heritage walk as its cultural importance is passed on from one generation to another.

Heritage walk in Old Delhi

A heritage walk amidst the city of Delhi will offer an opportunity for you to explore the numerous narrow alleys, several educational institutions and havelis. The markets, gardens and alleys are not only old but a majority of them have a history behind them. Your love for the city enhances as you know more about its history and the ancestry that binds the citizens together.

Catch A Glimpse Of The Colourful Markets

Heritage walk in Old Delhi

A heritage walk is not only about the cultural importance of the city but also let you enjoy the beauty offered by the colourful bazaars (market). Whether you are looking for some traditional or contemporary bridal attire, jewelleries or silken clothes, you will see numerous shops lined up along the market selling a wide variety of things at affordable prices. You can even fulfil your appetite with some freshly cooked street food available in the market.

The Ideal Time For The Walk

Almost every company organising Heritage walk in Old Delhi believe that the best time to start your walk is from early morning. This time is most suitable as it let you skip all those babbling crowd and noises and enjoy the cultural heritage of the city in complete serenity. You can also start the walk in the afternoon if you are willing to see the daily activities of Old Delhi amidst a chaotic environment. If you are planning a summer trip, make sure to schedule an early morning heritage walk and avoid the scorching heat of the sun.

Choose The Dress Wisely

Though you can wear any dress with which you are comfortable, opting for clothes suitable for religious sites is a wise decision as you will be visiting many of such places which are rich in culture. Make sure not to wear shorts. Wear any comfortable shoe or sandal as the walk generally ranges for 2 to 3 hours. Carry adequate drinking water to stay hydrated, especially during the summer months.

These being said, it’s time you undertake a heritage walk and know more about the city you love!