Photo TitleLocation: Goa is the smallest state in India in terms of size. It is situated in western India, bounded by Maharashtra in its North, by Karnataka in the South and East, and by Arabian Sea in the West.

Climate: Go is in the tropical zone and is situated near the Arabian Sea. The climate of Goa is governed by these two factors. No wonder, Goa climate is usually warm and humid for most of the year. May is the hottest month, with temperature touching 35 degrees Celsius. But humidity is quite high.

Goa has normally a good monsoon. It rains quite heavily from June onwards. Sudden downpours and tropical thunderstorms are common during monsoons in Goa. As much as 90 percent of the rainfall Goa receives happens during monsoon period.

There is no winter in Goa but from end of November to middle of February there are cold nights in Goa and humidity is relatively far less than rest of the year.

Cuisines: Rice, seafood, coconut, vegetables, and local spices are some of the traditional main ingredients in Goan cuisine. Goa has a typical tropical climate and hence use of spices and flavors are quite intense. Fish is an essential ingredient of Goan dishes. The cuisines in Goa have influence of Indian as well as Portuguese habits. Photo Title
Sea food is quite popular in Goa – often consumed with rice. Kingfish, pomfret, shark, tuna, and mackerel are some of the common delicacies. Photo TitleCrabs, prawns, tiger prawns, lobster, squid, and mussels are also quite common. Potatoes, Tomatoes, cashew – all brought by the Portuguese – are all used extensively in cuisines. Beef and Pork are largely not consumed in Goa by the Hindus, but Catholic population does consume these.

Things to Do: Goa is often referred to as the beach capital of India. It has some scintillating beaches, and the beaches are also of diverse kinds. Some are flat beaches, some have white sand, and some have cliffs close to them while some have coconut trees around them. But Goa is not just about beaches. Goa presents a kaleidoscope of cultures. There is a unique fusion of Indian and Portuguese elements.

People often restrict themselves to beaches alone, or at the maximum include visit to the churches, some of which are so nice and wonderful. There is such a wonderful rural area in Goa which needs to be explored. There are national parks and wildlife sanctuaries which one can explore on a trip to Goa. One can go for cruises and enjoy water sports like parasailing, paragliding, and jet skiing.

There are so many restaurants, bars, pubs, discos and casinos in Goa. Tourists can enjoy at these places like no other place in India. There are lots trekking opportunities. One should try to trek to Dudhsagar Falls, second highest in India. One should also use time in Goa to try local liquors called feni, made from cashew. A visit to spice gardens is also worth doing.


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