Every travel agency offering tour packages for Nepal will agree to the fact that the place has a lot more to offer than what meets the eyes. Even tourists visiting this famous landlocked country in South Asia has accepted this country as one of the most beautiful places which are filled with kind people. Its rich culture, epic trekking hikes, landscapes and mesmerising scenic beauty have attracted numerous tourists to Nepal in the last few years. If you are also planning to book a Nepal tour package, know a few unique facts about the place before you start your memorable journey.

Know 4 Unique Facts About Nepal Before Choosing A Tour Package

  • Nepalese Are Quite Welcoming

The moment you land in Nepal, you will be welcomed by a group of friendly Nepalese. Though their community doesn’t have much to offer, they will try to give whatever they have. They are genuine and loving and you will definitely leave the place with utmost admiration and respect for the people. If you want to show some respect towards them during your stay in Nepal, just join your palms in a prayer style and say ‘namaste’ as this is the way how they greet people.

  • The Place Is Still Recovering

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Not everyone booking a tour package for Nepal remembers that the place was struck by a devastating earthquake in the year 2015 which killed more than 8000 people. Though a few years have passed, Nepal is still trying to rebuild what they have lost. Though the place has lost a lot during the earthquake including the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Durbar Square, the country still welcomes its tourists with unwavering kindness. The earthquake did not have much impact on Nepal Tourism.

  • Though Being A Bit Polluted, The Place Is Mesmerising

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Though the climate of Nepal is a bit drier than other countries but once you get accustomed to the dry weather there’s no stopping you. The numerous adventure sports will give you an adrenaline rush and you can even enjoy some beautiful treks. If you really want to know how beautiful the place actually is, choose a Nepal tour package within your budget and catch a few glimpses of spectacular scenic beauty.

  • You Will End Up Liking Dal Bhat

If you think that dal-bhaat is too simple to become your favourite meal, you just need to visit Nepal and taste their staple item. For someone not aware of the dish yet, it basically consists of cooked lentil soup and steamed rice. The popularity of this simple dish is a lot more than the fast food items available at McDonald’s. If you are undertaking a trekking experience during your trip to Nepal, you will have to survive by eating this staple item.

Now that you are aware of a few unique facts about Nepal, it’s time you visit an online travel agency and book a suitable Nepal tour package from Kolkata.