Explore Da Nang With The Best Tour packages from Kolkata

Da Nang: A Must Visit Destination in Vietnam

Non Nuoc Beach, Da Nang, Vietnam

Da Nang is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam, known for its beautiful landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or simply want to relax on the beach, Da Nang offers a diverse range of experiences that make it a must-visit destination  on a visit to Vietnam. And, there are excellent travel packages from Kolkata that ensure a seamless and memorable journey.

What to do in Da Nang in Best Tour Packages from Kolkata:

Enjoy Beautiful Beaches of Da Nang

Da Nang boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. These include My Khe Beach and Non Nuoc Beach. The pristine shores on these beaches offer soft white sand and clear blue waters, making them perfect for relaxing, swimming and enjoying water activities.

Include Marble Mountains in Travel Packages from Kolkata

Da Nang: A Must Visit Destination in Vietnam

A big cave on the Marble Mountain, Da Nang

Do not forget to include Marble Mountains in Vietnam Travel packages from Kolkata. The Marble Mountains are a series of five limestone hills with caves, grottoes, pagodas and stunning viewpoints. The area is famous for its marble sculpting, and visitors can explore the caves and climb to the top for panoramic views of the surroundings. Each mountain is named after one of the five elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

Take a Tour of Dragon Bridge:

Dragon Bridge is an iconic symbol of Da Nang, particularly famous for its stunning dragon-shaped design. The bridge illuminates at night, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that attracts both locals and tourists.

Explore Historical Sites in Best Vietnam Tour Packages from Kolkata:

In the best tour packages from Kolkata for Vietnam, it is mandatory to explore the historic side of Da Nang. Da Nang has a rich history of its own and it is a good idea to peep into some parts of its history. Explore historical landmarks such as the Cham Museum, which houses a remarkable collection of Cham art, and Linh Ung Pagoda with its giant Lady Buddha statue overlooking the city.

Relish some Culinary Delights in Vietnam Travel Packages from Kolkata:

Da Nang boasts of a diverse culinary scene, offering  variety of delicious local dishes. Don’t miss out on trying specialties like banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich), mi quang (turmeric-infused noodle dish), bun cha ca (fish cake noodle soup), and banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake), and various fresh seafood options.

Take Day Trips to Hoi An and Hue in Best Tour Packages from Kolkata:

Da Nang: A Must Visit Destination in Vietnam

A night view of Hoi An, the ancient city

In travel packages from Kolkata, it is a must to include visits to Hoi An and Hue. But, if you are not going to stay in Hoi An on your trip to Vietnam, make sure to take day trips to Hoi An and Hue from Da Nang. Da Nang serves as a great base for exploring Hoi An, an ancient town. The whole Hoi An town is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

This is hardly around an hour drive from Da Nang. It is a nice example of a trading port dating from the 15th to the 19th century. This ancient town is famous for its charming architecture, lantern-lit streets, and vibrant night market.

Imperial city of Hue, also easily accessible by road from Da Nang, is merely a drive of around two hours. This is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was established as the capital of unified Vietnam in 1802 CE. It was the political, cultural and religious centre under the Nguyễn dynasty. There are total of ten main majestic gates leading to the Imperial City of Hue, which has two main parts – The Citadel and The Forbidden City. It contains the palaces that housed the imperial family, as well as shrines, gardens, and villas for mandarins.

Ba Na Hill Day Tour in Best Tour Packages from Kolkata:

Da Nang: A Must Visit Destination in Vietnam

Ba Na Hills

Barely an hour’s drive from Da Nang, Ba Na Hill is a hill station and resort in the Trường Sơn Mountains, west of Da Nang. It is popular as a tourist destination, thanks to its scenic beauty, pleasant climate, and various attractions. So, when you are coming to Vietnam, it must be a part of travel packages from Kolkata.

Ba Na Hills is home to a replica French village, with cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, and charming architecture. Visitors can explore the village, dine in French-style cafes, and enjoy the atmosphere.

Tourists can reach Ba Na Hills by cable cars. And, these cable cars hold the world record for the longest non-stop single track cable car at over 5,800 meters. The cable cars provide breathtaking panoramic views of the lush landscape below.


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