How Does An Excursion2India Walking Tour Help Tourists explore A City In The Best Possible Way?

How Does An Excursion2India Walking Tour Help Tourists explore A City In The Best Possible Way?

Heritage Walk in Agra

Walking Tours can help tourists explore any city in the best possible way. Unless you walk through the streets of a city, you can hardly claim to have known it thoroughly.

GPS and maps are good ways to reach the places you desire to visit. But those visits hardly bring you face to face with the realities of a city.

On the contrary, walking tours are better options to explore the details of a city. Walk through the lanes and alleys, along the busy roads and streets, from one public transport stop to another, and you will realize you know so much about the city.

Take Walking Tours in different cities in India to know the country. This is the most effective way to discover the stores, hotels and restaurants, cafes, malls and many more that you never thought existed. Some of the best places to explore walking tours in India are Delhi, Kolkata, Goa, Mumbai, Mysore, Varanasi, Agra, Jaipur, Shimla, Darjeeling, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Mussoorie, and Ooty.

Why should you take a walking tour?

There is no dearth of benefits when it comes to walking tours of a city. This helps you meet other tourists, which comes really handy especially if you are travelling alone. Walking tours ensure that you don’t miss details like interesting hotels or street arts or heritage properties. You can visit different buildings, see things closely, avail public transport and explore the narrow alleys.

As you look at the map while walking, you also get ideas of where you are at any moment in terms of the city. And, your guide is the best person to show you all the important places in the city; The guide will also help you see explore the hidden gems during the walking tour.

How to find a walking tour provider for Walking Tours in India?

Excursion2India is surely one of the best tour operators who can help you arrange walking tours in different cities if you book in advance. Express your desire and work out a plan with a representative from Excursion2India.

However, you can do a walking tour on your own as well. Following methods should help you find the best of a city where you should go for a walking tour.

  • Internet:

    The most effective, yet the simplest way to find walking tours even before reaching your location is to use Internet to find more. There are many tour operator and travel websites that can help you in this regard. Use Google to search for walking tours in any particular city or country. Detailed reviews and testimonials by the bloggers or the forum participants can also help you find the right walking tour.

  • Acquaintances:

    You can also get needed information from your friends, local people or other tourists. While it comes to look for good tours, it is quite difficult to find correct, and trustworthy information. If you know somebody who has already taken a tour of your chosen destination, you can be better informed.

The advantage of talking to someone in person is that you can get clear idea of what kind of activities they enjoy while                               they travel. If the person is a history buff, for example, he/she surely opted for a tour focused on the history of the city. Even                      if  you are not, you need to know. And if the person belongs to your genre, things will be easier for you.

  • Accommodation:

    Often times, hotel or hostel where you will stay at your destination city can provide you with different types of city walks to choose from. If they do not provide such tours themselves they can suggest you walking tour service providers. In a city or country where the standard of living is not so high, you can be rest assured that any business that spends money to advertise using print media to promote their business will surely have some revenues coming in. In other words, tourists are using their services.