Planning your Ladakh tour is a bit more daunting than you suppose and this is why opting for a suitable tour package is always a wise decision. There are numerous travel agencies scattered all over Kolkata offering affordable Leh-Ladakh packages so that you can choose one which suits your travel needs the best. With the right travel agent by your side, you can stay assured that your trip will be both enjoyable and memorable. They might even share a few facts about the place which will guide you throughout your trip.

Few Tips By Travel Agencies Offering Ladakh Tour Packages From Kolkata

  • Be Properly Equipped While Trekking

Not everyone booking a Ladakh tour package is aware of the fact that the weather stays quite cold even during the summer months. This is why you need to be properly equipped if you are planning to trek in Ladakh. Irrespective of the season during which you have planned your trip, make sure you pack heavy woollens. You might also have to face some breathing issues because of the high altitude. The best is to get accustomed to the weather before you start your trek.

  • Don’t Forget To Click Pictures

The beauty of Ladakh is indeed mesmerizing with numerous snow-capped mountains and a clear blue sky which acts as the backdrop. Since the divine beauty of the place can give you some memories which you can cherish for years to come, don’t forget to use your camera and click pictures of every scene or place you find beautiful. Keep some spare memory cards if you are using a digital camera.

  • Behave Well With The Locals

Though you will be surprised to see how peace-loving and mild-matured the local people of Ladakh are, make sure you too behave responsibly with them. They might even share with you a lot of information about the place if you can strike a friendship or a cordial relationship with them. This will make your Ladakh Tour Packages from Kolkata more enjoyable than you think.

  • Arrange Your Internet Requirements

The internet facilities in Leh are indeed very good so don’t forget to complete all the online tasks while you are in Leh. There’s no internet access anywhere else in Ladakh so you will have to wait till you come back to Kolkata if you are willing to upload the beautiful images of Ladakh on Facebook.

These being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above and make your Ladakh tour enjoyable.