Key Reasons to Choose Excursion2India Bhutan Tour Packages

Punakha Dzong. Once a fortress, the Dzong houses administrative offices and residence of monks

Key Reasons to Choose Excursion2India Bhutan Tour Packages

For years now, Bhutan has been a favourite for tourists for the sheer beauty and tranquility that it offers.

People from India can access Bhutan, known as the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’, both by road and flight.

You can book a customized and the most comprehensive Bhutan tour package with Excursion2India.

India has special relations with Bhutan, and people from Bhutan appreciate the positive role India plays there.

Indians are required to pay only Rs1200 per day as Sustainable Development Fee (SDF). SDF for foreigners are many times more. They were required to pay as much as $250 per person per day as SDF. This has now been reduced to $100 per person per day from September 2023.

Some undeniable reasons for you to consider Bhutan as your next travel destination are discussed below.

Why You Should Select Bhutan for Your Next Trip

  • Requires no Passport
Key Reasons to Choose Excursion2India Bhutan Tour Packages

Buddha Dordenma Statue, Thimphu, Bhutan

Choosing Bhutan is one of the best options, , especially for an Indian travelers. You can travel to Bhutan from India without a valid passport.

All you require is a valid Government of India issued proof of identity. Bhutan allows entry with these for Indians.

This is why Bhutan is one of the easiest foreign countries to visit for Indians. This is the best reason to choose a tailor-made tour package from Excursion2India to Bhutan.

  • Happiness Quotient

Bhutan is one of the rarest countries which focuses on happiness of its citizens. Bhutan uses Gross National Happiness (GNH) as an indicator of how prosperous the country is.

GNH Index is a holistic tool based on 33 indicators which measure nine domains. These domains are psychological wellbeing; health; education; time use; cultural diversity and resilience; good governance; community vitality; ecological diversity and resilience; and living standards.

  • Tradition Wins Over Contemporary

While the rest of the world races forward to technological advancements, Bhutan chooses to hold on to its traditions with both hands.

This is a great facet. You get to witness the unspoiled history of the country. You can experience traditional Bhutanese dresses, customs and local cuisines. This also encourages people to preserve nature in Bhutan.

  • Uncongested
Key Reasons to Choose Excursion2India Bhutan Tour Packages

Vendors selling vegetables at weekend market in Paro, Bhutan

Bhutan believes in quality tourism rather than mass tourism. Bhutan restricts the number of visitors it allows to come in.

For this Bhutan levies quite a steep tariff of $250* per day per person as SDF on tourists from outside South Asia. This ensures many tourists decide to skip Bhutan.

But those who finally decide to visit get to enjoy beauty without any interference. No traffic jams, pure and clean air to breathe, crowd free historical sights – Bhutan looks simple awesome.

*This tariff on foreigners has been reduced to $100 per day person from September 2023.

  • Sheer Beauty

Last, but not least, the sheer natural beauty Bhutan has on offer is enough a reason to mesmerize you. More than 70% of the land in Bhutan is under forest cover. Snow-capped Himalayan peaks can be seen from almost all over Bhutan. Rivers are sparkling clean. You will want to return to Bhutan after you have visited it once.


There you have it! These are the reasons why you need to choose Bhutan for your next trip.