If you think Kerala is only about traditional culture and art forms, just visit this enchanting place once and you will know that it has a lot more to offer. The local cuisine is quite delicious as you can find a scent of coconut in all their traditional dishes. The art, culture and beauty of the place attract numerous travellers from all over the world throughout the year. Even a glimpse of those spectacular beaches will give you some memories which you can cherish forever.

Kerala Tour Packages from Kolkata

If you are travelling to Kerala for the very first time, the best you can do is choose a suitable Kerala tour package and your travel agent will shoulder the entire responsibility of making your trip hassle-free. Since every trip is like an investment, it is advisable to enhance your knowledge about the place and know a few cool tips to make the most out of your tour.

4 Cool Tips For Tourists Visiting Kerala For The Very First Time

  • The Ideal Time

Kerala Tour Packages from Kolkata

The best season to plan your vacation is winter as it enhances the appealing quotient of the state. It generally starts from the end of October till March. The weather is quite cool and pleasant and let you enjoy some breathtaking views of the state. You can even enjoy the wildlife safaris and the houseboat cruise. Though you can also visit during the monsoon months and avail great discounts, avoid the summer season as the temperature sometimes reaches 30ºC.

  • Pack Your Bags Wisely

Kerala Tour Packages from Kolkata

If you are still worried about what to carry for your Kerala trip, have a talk with your travel agency organising the trip and they can give you the best advice. Consider the season of your visit. If you are visiting during the rainy months, avoid wearing slippers while hiking. Whatever activities you have planned, carry your sunglasses, cotton outfits, sunscreen lotions, hats and comfortable footwear. Carrying an umbrella is also advisable as rainfall is quite unpredictable.

  • Roads And Transportation

Kerala Tour Packages from Kolkata

Carrying a map of Kerala is a must during your trip even if you are travelling with a travel agent. The value of the maps is quite immense while travelling so use the maps developed by the Kerala Tourism or the Google maps. You can enhance your knowledge about the prominent cities and their location. You can easily visit the places of a tourist attraction by hiring a taxi or opt for Kerala Tour Packages from Kolkata and they will choose a suitable transportation for you.

  • Local Cuisine

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Taking care of your hunger is a must if you are willing to enjoy the trip. The Kerala cuisine is quite popular and delicious, so feel free to fulfil your appetite with their unusual cuisine. It is the land of coconut and so you can find grated coconut, coconut oil and coconut milk in almost all their dishes. Tender coconut water is served as a refreshing juice.

Since your knowledge about Kerala has enhanced, it’s time you choose a suitable Kerala tour package and make your first Kerala trip enjoyable.