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Let’s Travel to Goa with Excursion2India Tour Packages

Sunset approaching as seen from Patnem Beach, Goa

It’s time to dispel all myths and visit Goa during the winter to truly experience the spirit of the location.

If you are one of the travel enthusiasts who think that the winter season is the greatest for experiencing Goa at its best, now is the time to start contacting Excursion2India to set up travel packages to Goa at reasonable rates.

India has a long coastline and there are numerous lovely places to enjoy sea and sun during winter. But Goa has retained its charm and the tag as the best of all beach destinations in India. Goa offers not just scintillating beaches but it offers an ambiance no one find anywhere else in India.

Whole of Goa seems festive during winter. There are parties, casinos, pubs and bars offering all kinds of liquor. Wildlife sanctuaries can also be seen and there are breathtaking waterfalls, some of which can be visited passing through these sanctuaries only.

Water based activities are in full swing. Beach shacks provide some of the tastiest food you can ever have.

It has indeed a nice weather all through the winters!  Tourists can take long walks and treks on the beaches or to the hills surrounding Goa. You can witness heritages of Goa in detail during winter. Not to speak, Goa also becomes a shopping paradise during winters!

Craft The Best Goa Tour Packages from Kolkata By Including The Top 5 Goa Destinations

  • Dudhsagar Waterfall with Travel Packages from Kolkata

    Goa Tour Packages from Bangalore

    Dudhsagar Falls

It literally means “sea of milk” owing to its milky white colour. This is among one of the best and most picturesque waterfalls in India.

Located around 60km from Panaji, Dudhsagar waterfall is on Goa’s borders with Karnataka.

This is in the midst of Mollem National Park. River Mandovi falls from a height of over 600 meters.

  • Old Goa with Travel Packages from Kolkata

Old Goa, the capital during the Portuguese rule, was established by Bijapur Sultanate.

The area witnessed construction of Renaissance and Baroque style building architecture from the 16th Century onwards. That legacy stands tall here even today and Archaeological Survey of India takes care of the monuments here. These have now been classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

It enthralls tourists with its calm, beautiful buildings surrounded by huge swathes of green landscapes.

  • Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary with Travel Packages from Kolkata

    Let’s Travel to Goa with Excursion2India Tour Packages from Kolkata, Bangalore, Gujarat

    Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

This is named after Dr. Salim Moizzudin Ali, India’s pre-eminent ornithologist. Salim Ali bird sanctuary is one of the smallest forest areas of Goa.

This Sanctuary is a fragile ecosystem of mangrove marshes. Bird lovers and nature lovers paddle around the narrow canals of the Sanctuary in a dugout canoe, spotting rare bird and animal life.

  • Arpora Midnight Market with Travel Packages from Kolkata

Arpora Midnight Market is a unique place to visit in Goa. This is a colourful and vibrant experience and one of the most famous night markets in the world.

The market offers tasty food, live music and a wide variety of international stalls. This midnight market in Arpora is organized every Saturday evening from 6pm until late night. On the other hand, nearby Anjuna Flea Market is open on Wednesday nights.

  • Palolem Beach with Travel Packages from Kolkata

Let’s Travel to Goa with Excursion2India Tour Packages

Palolem Beachside huts and shacks

It is in Canacona in southern Goa, close to Karnataka borders. The beach has started attracting huge number of international tourists, mainly from European countries. This is for a reason.

It offers a delightful blend of stunning landscapes, recreational activities, and a lively social scene.

The Beach has a crescent-shaped shoreline fringed with swaying palm trees and golden sands. It forms a sort of continuity with other beaches like Patnem Beach, Collem Beach, and Rajbag Beach.

Galgibag beach and Agonda Beach are also located nearby only.

Palolem has cozy beachfront shacks that offer comfortable stay options, often just a few steps away from the water. These beach shacks come alive with music, beach bonfires, and the opportunity to socialize with fellow travelers after sunset. The shacks and nearby restaurants also serve a variety of dishes, including Goan seafood delicacies, traditional Indian fare, and international cuisine.

Since there are so many places to visit in Goa during winter, it’s time you plan your trip to Goa with Excursion2India for this season.


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