Budget-Friendly Maldives with the best travel packages from Kolkata

Maldives is one of the most popular island destinations for tourists from all over the world. Located to the west of India in the north-central Indian Ocean, Maldives consists of a chain of around 1,200 small coral islands and sandbanks. Of these, some 200 islands are inhabited. Maldives is famous for its luxurious resorts, and tourists perceive it as a costly destination. But there are ways budget-friendly conscious tourists can also experience this beautiful destination.

Here are some tips for making Maldives visit possible and memorable on a budget with the best travel packages from Kolkata.

Stay At Local Islands with Travel packages from Kolkata:

9 Tips To Enjoy A Budget-Friendly Trip To Maldives

Noonu Atoll, Dhigurah, Maldives

Instead of staying at expensive resorts, consider staying on local islands with the best tour packages from Kolkata. There are several decent guesthouses and budget accommodations which are available on islands like Maafushi, Thulusdhoo, and Dhigurah.

Local islands offer a more authentic experience and there is all likelihood to interact with the local community. This will make a visit to Maldives more fulsome. Please be aware that Maldives is an Islamic country.

So, remain sensitive to local dress standards when visiting local islands. Resort Island, which are private islands, standards are pretty relaxed.

Eat at Local Restaurants with the best travel packages from Kolkata:

Eating at local cafes and restaurants or buying food from local markets is more budget-friendly than dining at resort restaurants. Try authentic Maldivian cuisine and enjoy seafood, which is abundant and relatively inexpensive, with the best tour packages from Kolkata.

Public Ferries with the best travel packages from Kolkata:

Instead of expensive seaplane transfers, use public ferries for inter-island transfers with travel packages from Kolkata. Public ferries are much more budget-friendly, although they may take a bit longer than private transfers. But who is in hurry on a trip to Maldives! This is a cost-effective way to explore different atolls.

9 Tips To Enjoy A Budget-Friendly Trip To Maldives

A public Ferry in Maldives

Public Ferries connect the local islands, and their schedules can be obtained from the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company website. Or, ask the locals – the persons working at the local hotels or local eateries.

Snorkeling and Diving with the best tour packages from Kolkata:

Maldives has a vibrant marine life. While all sorts of activities are available from expensive resorts, but these are usually quite expensive.

You can still enjoy the same activities – snorkeling, diving etc – by booking excursions from local operators with travel packages from Kolkata. These are often at more reasonable prices.

9 Tips To Enjoy A Budget-Friendly Trip To Maldives

Snorkeling in Maldives

Bringing your own snorkeling gear can save you some more money, as you won’t need to rent equipment.

Local Transportation with the best tour packages from Kolkata:

Use local transportation options like buses and shared taxis instead of private transfers to explore the islands with travel packages from Kolkata. Taxis and private transfers can be expensive, so opt for these more budget-friendly alternatives. This can significantly reduce your overall travel costs.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverages) with the best tour packages from Kolkata:

Alcohol is expensive in the Maldives, especially at resorts. If you enjoy a drink, consider bringing your own duty-free alcohol. This will save you some precious money on the tour.

Travel During Off-Peak Seasons with the travel packages from Kolkata:

Maldives is a hugely popular tourist destination, and a real expensive one during peak seasons. Traveling during off season with the best tour packages from Kolkata can result in lower accommodation and transportation costs. The off-peak season is typically from May to October, although weather conditions may vary.

Budget Airlines with travel packages from Kolkata:

Look for budget airlines that operate flights to the Maldives. You may find more affordable options to get to the Maldives compared to full-service carriers. It is best to take these from places in India which have short duration flights to Maldives. Kochi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai are some such places.

Plan and Book in Advance with travel packages from Kolkata:

Booking accommodation, flights, and activities in advance can help you secure better deals with the best tour packages from Kolkata. It is best to look for package deals that include multiple elements of your trip. A reliable tour operator like Excursion2India can take care of all your essential travel requirements.



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