Unearthing Goa's Hidden Gems: The Less-Explored Treasures Await!

Anjuna Beach in Goa

Unearthing Goa’s Hidden Gems: The Less-Explored Treasures Await!

Goa has long been a popular destination for travellers looking for unforgettable vacations because of its sun-kissed beaches and exciting nightlife. While the allure of well-known locations like Baga, Calangute, and Anjuna cannot be denied, there are a number of hidden jewels dotted all over the state that invite visitors to stray from the path less travelled. Here is a list of the lesser-known, quirky locations in Goa that promise uncommon encounters and a chance to get in touch with this stunning coastal paradise’s actual character.

Unearthing Goa's Hidden Gems: The Less-Explored Treasures Await!

A Panoramic View of River Terekhol and Querim Beach

Querim Beach (Keri Beach):

Querim Beach, situated in North Goa, is frequently overshadowed by its more well-known neighbours. A tranquil retreat from the busy people is provided by this spotless stretch of golden sand that is bordered by swaying palm trees.

Take a tranquil stroll along the beach, see the soft waves caressing the sand, and take in the captivating sunsets that transform the sky into a kaleidoscope of hues.

Explore the nearby Terekhol Fort for a more immersive experience. Perched on a cliff, it offers panoramic views of the Arabian Sea and the neighbouring state of Maharashtra.

Unearthing Goa's Hidden Gems: The Less-Explored Treasures Await!

Chorla Ghats, Goa

Chorla Ghats:

Escape the bustle of the shore by travelling inland to the scenic Chorla Ghats, which lie on the borders of Goa, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. Both lovers of nature and those looking for adventure will find refuge in this secret paradise.

Wander on the hiking routes that wind through lush forests, see magnificent waterfalls, and take in the unspoiled beauty of nature. A haven for wildlife photographers and birdwatchers, Chorla Ghats is also home to a variety of animal and bird species.

Unearthing Goa's Hidden Gems: The Less-Explored Treasures Await!

Divar Island, Goa

Divar Island:

Divar Island, tucked away along River Mandovi, offers a serene contrast to the bustling Goan mainland.

This tiny island can be reached by ferry. It has a relaxed charm, with winding streets, historic residences in the Portuguese style, and amiable residents.

Walk around the island or hire a bike to find secret chapels, authentic Goan bakeries, and sweeping vistas.

Divar Island’s solitude is ideal for reflection and relaxation.

Unearthing Goa's Hidden Gems: The Less-Explored Treasures Await!

Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary

Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary:

The Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is a lesser-known jewel hidden in South Goa that is just begging to be discovered.

This sanctuary, which covers an area of more than 200 square kilometres, is a beautiful haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Trek through lush forests, see rare plants and animals, and be entranced by the magical Dudhsagar Waterfall, which tumbles down from a height of 310 metres like milk. The refuge is a wonderful delight for the senses and a haven for those looking for adventure.

Unearthing Goa's Hidden Gems: The Less-Explored Treasures Await!

Aldona Village sluice gate


Goa’s charming village of Aldona in North Goa provides a window into the state’s extensive historical and cultural past.

Take a stroll through the congested streets dotted with traditional Goan homes and stop by the charming St. Thomas Church, which features Portuguese design.

On a canoe or kayak, unveil the beautiful Mapusa River’s backwaters, and engage with the friendly villagers to learn about rural Goan life.


While Goa’s well-known beaches and nightlife continue to draw thousands of tourists, the state’s undiscovered jewels provide a completely different but no less alluring experience. These unusual locations offer an opportunity to see Goa’s unspoiled beauty, from tranquil beaches and lush woods to rustic villages and colourful animals. So, the next time you’re considering a trip to Goa, go off the beaten path and enjoy the allure of these lesser-known gems. Goa has so much more to offer than what is initially apparent if you can uncover the magic!