Agra Walking Tour Packages from Bangalore

Taj Mahal, Agra: An important part of any walking tour in Agra

Overview: The Agra Heritage Walk will give a nice opportunity to discover and feel Agra from close quarters. The Walk will take you on the old streets of Agra and take you in the surreal world where you will be bound to imaging how people would have lived during Mughal period.

The Walk will take you to the bustling Rawatpara spice market, and let you explore old religious mosques and Hindu temples. Savour the tastes of sweets at sweet shops, some of which are as many as 200 centuries old. Take a paddle rickshaw ride from the market to reach the banks of River Yamuna. Have a riveting view of the grandeur Taj Mahal in the setting sun from its backside.

Distance Covered:
Equivalent to Four to Five Kilometers

Duration: 3 hours

Suitable Time: From 7am to 10 am & From 2.30pm to 5.30pm (during winters)

From 6am to 9am & From 4pm to 7pm (during summers)

Who Should Come: The Walk is for all those who can walk and stand for nearly three hours, braving quite a few steps at different monuments. The walk involves connecting to history and only those with interest in knowing about cultural history would like the Walk. You should avoid bringing small kids.

Agra Tour Packages from Bangalore

Rawatpata Spice Market, Agra

What to Wear and Carry: Since you will visit religious sites, it is advisable to adorn clothes generally considered suitable for religious sites. Please avoid wearing shorts and cover shoulders. Please wear comfortable walking shoes or sandals. Please carry a scarf or cap to cover head inside religious places.
Please carry your own drinking water. If it is summer time, carry more water.

Starting Point: All guests will be picked up from their respective hotels. The Walk will, however, formally begin at close to Agra Fort Army Gate.

Price: Rs3000/person

• Pick up from and Drop to the hotel
• One litre packed water
• One fixed breakfast/snacks somewhere on the Walk
• One Rickshaw ride

• Any personal expenses
• Any tip
• Cost of anything outside the fixed breakfast provided to all

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