British Era Heritage walks in Kolkata

Telegraph Office Kolkata Building – one of the landmarks from British era in India

Overview: The British Era Heritage Walk gives you a glimpse of the then-center-of-power. Kolkata served as the capital of the British Empire in India till 1911. The Walk will show you the important colonial buildings, which served as the seat of power. Many of these buildings are fine examples of European Architecture with eastern influences visible in some of those. The Walk will also take you to the River Front where trading activities were vibrant once and where the then Royal Navy also exercised. Attached with the places are fantastic stories which have become parts of folklore now.

The tour is centered around the Dalhousie Square, now officially called BBD Baag after India’s three freedom fighters. Some of the important buildings we would cover during the Walk are Writers’ Building, The Royal Exchange Place, The General Post Office, St. John’s Church, and Raj Bhavan.

Distance Covered: 4 to 5 kilometers

Duration: 2.5-3 hours

Suitable Time: In the morning from 6.30am to 9.30am (winter) and 6am to 9am (summer)

Who Should Come: Anyone willing to walk around 4-5 km
What to Wear and Carry: Normal clothes. If it is winter, slight woolen may be required during morning. If it is summer, prefer light cotton clothes. Please carry a liter of bottled drinking water as Kolkata can be humid and you can feel tired standing and walking for close to three hours.

Starting Point: From near the gate of Oberoi Grand Hotel

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Office of Kolkata Police Commissioner: One of the British era landmarks of Kolkata

How to Come to Starting Point: Oberoi Grand is a well known landmark in Kolkata in Esplanade area. It is located at 15 Chowringhee. One can use metro services, or bus to reach here. All taxi drivers know the place quite well.

Price: Rs2500/person.

No. of Persons: Minimum 6 and Maximum 20

• Entry fees
• Local snacks
• Coconut water /tea/coffee
• English speaking guide


• Entry Fee for foreigners
• Any transportation, if needed
• Anything not mentioned in the “Inclusion” list.

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