Why is it a good idea to explore Darjeeling in September?

Why is it a good idea to explore Darjeeling in September?

Toy Train in Darjeeling

Why don’t you choose September to indulge your craving for holidaying? It is not always necessary that you have to enjoy a vacation only during conventional holidays. Vacations can be a real fun during off-seasons. No matter even if you can’t manage a long leave from your office. Just 2 to 3 days of leave prefixed or suffixed by the weekend is more than enough to plan a trip to Darjeeling, the Queen of the Hills.

Yes, Darjeeling can be best explored during monsoon. Though it may sound weird, it is true. A hot cup of aromatic Darjeeling tea can be best enjoyed while it’s raining. The beauty of watching rains pouring down the hill while sitting by the hotel window is incomparable; it’s heavenly.

These are the 5 reasons to plan a trip to Darjeeling in September:

  • Fewer travellers:
    Why is it a good idea to explore Darjeeling in September?

    Mount Kanchenjunga

    Usually tourists and travellers prefer to visit Darjeeling during summer and/or winter. It is the most common and conventional. They typically avoid the monsoon.

So it would be a great idea to visit Darjeeling in monsoon, especially September if you admire serenity and solitude. Enjoy your privacy without compromising with any facility of urban lifestyle.

Visiting the Mall without the well-known bustles can be a really great experience.

  • Less downpour but more greenery:

    Monsoon time is good for the Darjeeling lovers who prefer tranquillity. But continuous rainfall may make the things a bit tiresome and unexciting. And that’s why it’s good to choose September as the rains are on the way out while leaving behind the greenest mountainous landscape adorned by the lush green tea gardens. Choose any of the common Darjeeling Tour Packages or plan on your own.

  • Essence of Darjeeling; its tea:
    Why is it a good idea to explore Darjeeling in September?

    Tea Garden in Darjeeling

    Darjeeling is world famous for its flavoured tea. And what can be the better time to sip a hot cup of this aromatic tea other than monsoon?

Enjoy your cup of tea while sitting             by the balcony and watching pitter           patter. The splendid weather and               cool breeze will be the added                    feathers to the crown of the hill                  queen. A misty monsoon morning            is really exquisite. It feels cold yet              wonderful while combined with                  green surroundings.

  • Cheaper accommodations:

    One of the most important parts of visiting Darjeeling during September is the hotel tariffs that go down due to the scarcity of tourists and thus less demand. So you can book a luxurious hotel and enjoy a never-before monsoon stay in Darjeeling without burning a hole in your pocket. Also due to a low inflow of tourists, you don’t need to face the scarcity of water which is very common in Darjeeling during summer.

  • Photography:

    As it comes to vacationing in Darjeeling, you just can’t ignore the significance of good photography. Whether you are an amateur or professional, the monsoon is the best time to capture Darjeeling with its rain, greenery, cloudy sky and views of the magnificent Himalayan range. Whether you choose Darjeeling Tour Packages or go alone, don’t miss to carry your DSLR.

So if you are planning for a vacation in Darjeeling, choose September and accumulate memories in your treasure trove.