Why must tourists visit Bhitarkanika this winter?

Why must tourists visit Bhitarkanika this winter?

Boats for safari for Bhitarkanika National Park

As winter draws near, nature dons its prettiest garb. This winter, look no further than Bhitarkanika if you’re a traveller hoping to get away from the ordinary. Immerse yourself in something interesting and engaging.

Bhitarkanika National Park, which is gradually coming as a popular destination on the tourists map, is hidden away in Odisha. It offers a captivating encounter with nature that looks even more more alluring during the winter months.

Here’s why you must plan a visit to this hidden gem this winter.

A Pinnacle of Biodiversity
Why must tourists visit Bhitarkanika this winter?

Montor Lizard as seen on a trip to Bhitarkanika National Park

The astounding biodiversity of Bhitarkanika is quite famous. The park, which has intricate ecosystem, is home to several plant and animal species. Many of these are rare and endangered. Winter bestows a mild environment in the park and this makes it the ideal time to visit and observe the wide variety of animals Bhitarkanika is home to.

Every area of the park comes alive with activity during this time, including the majestic saltwater crocodiles lazing in the sun and the colourful migratory birds painting the skies. Number of migratory birds, in fact, start increasing during the monsoon period.

These birds remain in the Park till October end or till first week of Novemebr, before migrating to other parts of India and rest of the world. Bird sightings are, maximum during the months of August to mid-October.

Bird Watching
Why must tourists visit Bhitarkanika this winter?

An Open Bill Stork bird in Bhitarkanika

Migratory birds make Bhitarkanika home during monsoons and for some more time after monsoons. These birds start moving out mostly to other parks of India from October end, and by first week of November they are all gone. But Bhitarkanika is also permanent home to several bird varieties.

Some white ibis, open-billed storks, and painted storks are native to Bhitarkanika. Besides these, there are parakeets, cormorants, darters, mangrove pitta, hoopoes, woodpeckers, grey herons, pond herons, Brahmani Kites, and several more varieties.

Bhitarkanika is particularly famous for being home to as many as six varieties of kingfisher birds.

Tranquil Boat Safaris
Why must tourists visit Bhitarkanika this winter?

On a Boat Safari in Bhitarkanika

A boat safari through lush mangrove forests and tranquil water channels  of Bhitarkanika is a unique and awesome experience.

Boat safaris provide an up-close encounter with the park’s incredible wildlife, including the formidable saltwater crocodiles, spotted deer, monkeys, monitor lizards, wild boars and a large number of bird varieties.

Bhitarkanika is also home to animals like hyenas, fish cats, leopard cats, jungle cats, jungle fowls, and many snake varieties. Most of these are nocturnal animals, but, at times, they are visible during boat safaris.

The Mystique of Mangroves
Why must tourists visit Bhitarkanika this winter?

Trekking in the allowed part of Bhitarkanika with foreign tourists

Bhitarkanika is home to mangrove forests. This is the second largest mangrove forest of India after Sundarbans. Mangorve forest  ecosystem in Bhitarkanika is a testament to nature’s resilience and adaptability.

The roots of almost all mangrove flora species are exposed to air. This is unique of mangrove areas only. Intricate root systems expose to air transforms the landscape into a mesmerizing maze of green and brown. The sight of these resilient trees, standing tall amidst the intricate network of waterways, is truly awe-inspiring. And, Bhitarkanika is home to one of the largest varieties of mangrove species.

Cultural Immersion
Why must tourists visit Bhitarkanika this winter?

Guests on a trip to Bhitarkanika

Bhitarkanika is also not just about wildlife. There are several villages located around the periphery of the wildlife sanctuary. These have a unique culture of its own.  The villages located in the proximity of Bhitarkanika provide an opportunity to connect with the local communities.

You can learn a lot about their traditional ways of life. Enjoy the warmth of their hospitality and savor some authentic local cuisine that reflects the flavors of the region.


A trip to Bhitarkanika becomes enticing when winter weaves its enchantment over the region. The park is the perfect location for tourists looking for an off beat unique trip because of its distinctive combination of biodiversity, migratory wonders, peaceful boat safaris, mysticism of mangroves, and cultural immersion. The way tourists have started descending here in bigger numbers every year, this place will perhaps be no longer on the list of being called “off beat”.

So, gear up for a winter escapade that promises not just a vacation but a rejuvenating and enchanting experience that will stay etched in your memory forever. Bhitarkanika beckons, and this winter, it’s a call you can’t afford to miss.