Why must you be a part of a Kolkata walking tour?

The moment winter chill starts setting in, start planning for walking tours in India. Walking tours allow you to know a place from quite close quarters. Of all the walking tours in India, Walking Tour in Kolkata is probably the best. It is the best way to discover heritage and culture of this beautiful ‘City Of Joy‘.

What To Expect On Walking Tours In Kolkata

Most of the tours take you through interesting places and areas which you will probably do not get to see otherwise. You must use all opportunities to take all sorts of photos. Keep your camera ready all the time to capture amazing moments you will come across in Kolkata.

Walking Tour in Kolkata will give so much joy exploring the inner depths of this wonderful city with so rich heritage and culture. Walking Tour is surely going to be a fascinating and once in a lifetime experience.

Activities You May Across on Walking Tours In Kolkata

Look at some core activities you may across on walking tours in Kolkata:

Walking Tour in Kolkata

Terreity Bazar, Old China Town, Kolkata

Sampling Kolkata’s authentic street food:

Walking Tours in Kolkata is mostly about the street life of people in the city. During your walks you will find vendors selling peanuts roasted in sand.

You can find other vendors brewing chai (tea) and serving it in typical earthenware bhand (cups). Don’t miss tele bhaja (fried snacks), a specialty of Kolkata.

If you start early in the morning, savor Chinese breakfast at Terreti Bazar, Kolkata’s Little Chinatown.

Make sure to try hot Jalebi that you can find at any traditional sweet shop, in the morning.

Bow Barracks and Bhisti:
Walking Tour in Kolkata

Bow Bazar, Kolkata

A walking tour may start with the possibility of an unusual encounter with a bhisti (water carrier) filling the masak (bag made from goat skin) with water.

In today’s Kolkata, this scene may have become quite rare, but not impossible.

There was a time when these water carriers were simply inevitable to supply drinking water to the British people. But the demand for such a service started dwindling with the widespread introduction of plumbing. Nevertheless, some of them can be still spotted in Bow Barracks area that comprises apartment blocks with coloured shutters. These apartments were used by the military officers during World War I.

After independence, these barracks were mostly taken over by the veteran Anglo Indians (children of mixed British and Indian origin). This is the place that still keeps the tradition of the typical Christmas celebration alive and intact. Walking Tours in Kolkata are literally incomplete without a visit to this century-old place.

Communal harmony:
Walking Tour in Kolkata

St. Paul’s Cathedral, Kolkata

Kolkata has always been known for its communal diversity. People of different communities, cultures and religions stay here in  brotherhood.

Any walking tour in Kolkata will take you to places of worship of different groups of people.

A Parsi Fire Temple with the sacred flame burning since ages; Aga Khan Jamatkhana; a nice Portuguese Catholic Church; Bengal Buddhist Association; Megan David Synagogue (a Jewish synagogue), St. Paul’s Cathedral Church, Kalighat Temple and a lot more places.

A visit to all these religious places will reconfirm how the people of Kolkata live in peaceful co-existence.

Walking tours in Kolkata typically last for about 2 to 3 hours. You can request for a pick you up from the hotel itself. Start early in the morning to get the best lighting and a superb ambience.