Why Should You Visit Bhutan At Least Once In A Lifetime?

Why Should You Visit Bhutan At Least Once In A Lifetime?

Dzong and Assembly Hall, Thimphu, Bhutan

Do you wish to explore nature at its best? Planning to travel to a destination that still preserves its traditional heritage? Desperately looking for a break from the fast life of the cities and relish a few days in the laps of nature?

Opting for a tailor-made  Bhutan holiday package can be the key to a memorable travel experience!

Popularly known as the land of thunder dragon, Bhutan is situated near the eastern part of the majestic Himalayas, up close to Sikkim and Darjeeling. Every year thousands of tourists come to visit Bhutan from various parts of the world for its unrivalled scenic beauty, stunning landscapes, colourful festivals and ancient temples. Furthermore, the possibility of experiencing thrilling adventure makes Bhutan the place to be for every kind of tourist. Booking Bhutan tour packages from Excursion2India and customize it to your needs should, thus, be a key consideration for every explorer.

Below are a few reasons which emphasise why touring Bhutan can be an experience of a lifetime!

5 Reasons Why Opting For Bhutan Tour Is A Must For Every Traveller

  1. Mountain Trekking
    Why Should You Visit Bhutan At Least Once In A Lifetime?

    Rhododendrons as visible on a trek in Bhutan

The treks of Bhutan take tourists through exhilarating and physically challenging routes which include crossing snow and high mountain passes. While trekking, you will be able to witness the pristine natural beauty and even come in close contact with friendly farmers and hardworking highlanders.

  1. Exotic Wildlife
Why Should You Visit Bhutan At Least Once In A Lifetime?

Phobjika Valley, Bhutan

Bhutan boasts of an amazing wildlife. The Phobjikha Valley is a beautiful place to visit for people interested in exploring nature and bird-watching. The place is known for inspiring mountains and the endless flat Bamboo fields. The valley is home to the Black-necked Crane, one of the rarest crane species all over the world.

  1. Historical Significance

The rich history of Bhutan dates back to the time when Tibetan Buddhism was introduced. Since the people here are followers of Buddhism, you will be able to find numerous Tibetan style historical monuments. The Paro

Why Should You Visit Bhutan At Least Once In A Lifetime?

Paro Taktsang

Taktsang, also known as The Tiger’ Nest is one of the most famous monuments here. It is country which is driven by very interesting culture beliefs.

  1. Delicious And Spicy Cuisine

The unique characteristic which makes the Bhutanese cuisine distinct is its spiciness. Bhutan is perhaps the only country where chilly is considered as a vegetable and not as an item for seasoning. Even “ema-datshi”, the national dish of Bhutan is

Why Should You Visit Bhutan At Least Once In A Lifetime?

Ema Datshi – the local Bhutanese cuisine

prepared with cheese stew and chilli which is served with rice. By choosing all-inclusive Bhutan tour packages, you can even try out the Tibetan style dumplings which are stuffed with beef, pork or cheese and cabbages.

  1. A Place Like Nowhere Else

The reason why Bhutan should definitely be on your travel bucket list is that a Bhutan trip can experience you something which no other place can. There is much more to Bhutan than just delicious food or stunning natural

Why Should You Visit Bhutan At Least Once In A Lifetime?

Local Bhutanese people at one of the festivals

beauty. Be it the local people still wearing their traditional attire, the visionary Gross National Happiness Index or the numerous quirky things, Bhutan is indeed a place which is unlike any other tourist destination.

Now, don’t you think that planning a trip to Bhutan can indeed be an unforgettable experience? Quickly approach a leading travel agency and book the ideal Bhutan holiday package!